Landscape Design by Olive Grove

Every great project starts with a great design.  Our design process is unique to the industry and is what sets us apart.

Most companies are focused on securing as much construction work as they can, so they work on volume.  They send sales people, not designers out to work with their customers, and spit out quick, simple and ordinary designs.  Their designers typically don’t ever even see the site in person or meet the customer.  It’s all about making a quick sale and pushing out product that they have in stock in their yards.  We don’t think this is an appropriate way to approach your investment.

Our designers work directly with our customers every step of the way, from the initial meeting, through the design process, and through management and oversight of the construction process.  They are personally invested in you and your project.

We spend a lot of time at the beginning of the project getting to know our customers, getting to know their lifestyles and needs, and understanding how to maximize their investment and create a space they want to enjoy and entertain in every day.  We pride ourselves on our excellence in customer service and our abilities to HEAR what our clients truly want and create a design program and implementation plan that allows them to have the garden of their dreams.  We spend time with our designs to be sure every detail works and to be sure the project is a reflection of our customer’s needs.   We don’t keep stock items in the yard, materials are ordered for each project specifically and customized to our customer’s needs.  During construction our designers are on site to make sure every detail is executed perfectly and that in the end we exceed our customer’s expectations.


Our design process does require a retainer fee which ultimately gets applied towards the construction cost.  The retainer fee varies based on the size and complexity of the project.  Ultimately the design ends up being free as the construction is performed, but the value is that you get a service specifically tailored to you.  It is your design, and as part of the service we will adjust and revise the design as needed until you are completely happy with it and it is within your budget.  You also know that you have a company who will be a reliable partner to you and won’t operate like other contractors.  We show up on time, and we won’t disappear on you like others do!  We are vested in your project as you are vested in us.  We are your partner in achieving the landscaping of your dreams.