Olive Grove’s History

Olive Grove Landscaping specializes in award winning, custom, customer driven design.

Olive Grove Landscaping is a well-established, award-winning landscape company founded in 1994 in Bloomingdale, Illinois. We moved our headquarters to St. Charles, Illinois in 2011 to better serve the Fox Valley Area. But the name Olive Grove has a much deeper history. The founder and president of Olive Grove Landscaping, Sam Zeitoun, grew up in Jordan. His family grew olives for several generations, and one of the trees on their farm is over 1,000 years old. In fact, the name Zeitoun means “Olive Tree”. When starting the company he wanted a name that encompassed the Old World values of tradition, hard work, fine craftsmanship, and attention to detail. Olive Grove Landscape was born and founded on those values.

Olive Grove Landscape provides a full range of services encompassing design, construction, and maintenance.

The company prides itself on its creative design, high level of customer service and qualified personnel and repeat and continued customers. When customers want a customized high-end design that creates a backyard escape, Olive Grove Landscape can provide assistance in all phases of the project.

The strengths of the company lie in their custom design work, quality construction, comprehensive service offerings and customer service.